SMS Marketing - Best to Reach your target customers

SMS Marketing is the most budget-friendly advertising method that allows businesses to send personalized promotional messages to their existing or potential customers.

Advance technologies have made 24x7 customer relationship management quite possible. SMS Marketing is one such method that allows businesses to engage with their customers and attract new customers at any point in time.

Hide Media’s SMS Marketing is a bulk text-messaging service that allows brands to send short messages to promote their products/services, make announcements, and spread brand awareness. The goal of SMS marketing is to consistently reach out to the customers (or potential customers) and build customer relationships. SMS Marketing also plays a great role in spreading brand awareness.

In SMS Marketing, a promotional text message is sent to the targeted audience via permission-based and personalized text messages.

To launch an SMS marketing campaign, the brands must receive explicit permission from the receivers via online opt-in forms, contest entries, or by texting a particular keyword or short code. In case, the sender doesn't have this express consent from the users, the promotional text marketing campaigns will be considered an invasion of the privacy of the receiver and is against the law.

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Why Choose SMS Marketing?

The pervasiveness of Smartphones: India has a population of 1.2 billion smartphone users. Hence SMS is an excellent way to communicate with the customers directly, You can send a promotional or informational text message to your target users and also include a link in it to drive engagement to your online business.

A Direct & Immediate Channel: SMS marketing allows you to convey a message directly without any delay or formalities. With a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of delivery time, you can rest assured that your promotional or critical messages will be read immediately. According to an observation, about 45% of SMS Marketing campaigns tend to give a successful return on investment (ROI).

Integrates with other marketing channels: SMS marketing supports other marketing mediums such as email marketing and social media channels. SMS marketing itself is a great promotion channel however it has the ability to support other marketing channels. For eg- Many shopping apps make the best use of SMS marketing to announce their upcoming sales and discount offers. This significantly increases their app-opening rates by 30%-40%.

Better Conversion Rate: SMS marketing has a higher conversion rate than other marketing methods. If you send an effective message at the right time and to the right target audience, the receiver is more likely to visit your business and take action on the promotions, offers or discounts shared through your SMS Marketing campaign.

Greater Reach and Instant Delivery: The best thing about SMS Marketing is that it doesn't require any internet connectivity and it can reach both online as well as offline smart users. Therefore, promotional text messages can reach a larger target audience as compared to their other new-age counterparts. Moreover, the promotional text messages are also delivered instantly.

Check the Campaign Success: Once the SMS Campaign is set up and triggered, you can ask your cloud-telephony provider to show you the real-time data and graphical analytics of the SMS campaign. This data includes the information such as no. of messages delivered, time stamps, whether the receiver has read it or not, which browser was used to visit the link, geolocation of the visitor, and other data. This information is used by the businesses to determine who their target audience is, what was the success rate of the campaign and what are steps required to be taken for future marketing campaigns.

Cost-effective: SMS Marketing is an inexpensive marketing method. Bulk SMS services can be purchased from Cloud Telephony providers, they offer it via SMS API or their own platform. It costs cheap and delivers better results as compared to other online marketing channels.

Why Choose Hide Media for Your SMS Marketing?

At Hide Media, we engage your target audience with your brand according to your particular need and situation. Our SMS Marketing services range from fully managed SMS campaigns to ongoing client support and guidance.

As an entrusted SMS Marketing service provider, we follow all the rules and regulations and are involved in best practices set by the governing authorities to protect your business.

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