Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is an affordable and effective online marketing method that has an average ROI rate of 4400%. According to a study, over 3.9 billion people use Emails every day for communication purposes. These figures justify why Email Marketing is one of the best ways to stay in the marketing game.

If you choose the right email marketing Service (EMS) provider such as Hide Media, email marketing can be simple, efficient, cost-effective, and highly beneficial for your online business. It certainly increases your referrals, lead generation, upsells, and sales.

Do you know that over 87% of B2B Marketers and 79% of B2C marketers utilize email marketing to promote their business and interact with the customers? So, are you taking full advantage of email marketing services to reach your potential customers? If your business hasn't entered the email marketing landscape yet, then you should do it ASAP. We know that you would not want to miss the chance to build a greater audience and increase your lead generation with the help of such an affordable and effective marketing channel.

E-mail Marketing Services | Email Campaign Management - Hide Media

At Hide Media, we provide you with complete email marketing services which include a custom-designed email template, professional copywriting services, and advanced analytics tracking & reporting services.

Hide Media's Email Marketing Services streamlines all of your email marketing needs. Our services offer you a wide range of features depending on your needs, we have functionality related to general email communication, Automation, subscription, Notifications, monitoring email campaigns, Analytics, Integration with other marketing channels, and much more.

Advantages of Email Marketing

  • Retain Customers
  • Convert prospects into leads
  • Spread Brand Awareness
  • Invite cross-selling and up-selling
  • Engage customers and invite new prospects.
  • Build up Brand loyalty among customers
  • Automate repetitive B2B and B2C email marketing
  • Reach larger segments at less cost
  • Track the email campaign performance

What do We Offer in Email Marketing Services?

  • Creating an Opt-In email list: We will work with your team to create an opt-in email sign-up to contact form. We use social media and other paid methods to grow the email contact list and add new opt-in sign-ups before launching a new email marketing campaign.
  • Designing the customized email templates and Layouts: We analyze how your users interact with your website content. Accordingly, we will create email templates for your business that can perfectly represent your brand image. The layout and template design is done by our experienced designers.
  • Customizing the Email Content: Insights from your marketing team and audience engagement will be used by us to write impressive content for your email. You can also run contests and giveaways to increase your engagement. The designing part will be done by our side to engage your target audience and lead conversions.
  • Tracking your email marketing campaigns: We will track the emails sent to your target users along with the delivery rates of these emails. Analyze the open and click-through rates (CTR), web visits, leads, sales, and revenue generated by every email campaign.
  • Design Advanced Email Marketing Strategies for you: Automate time-to-time marketing emails for you based on your brand requirements, send regular customer retention emails, and help you to win your email marketing game.
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