Get a Customizable & Fully Integrated ERP System for Your Business

Manage your organization's operations smoothly with the help of advanced ERP Systems. Whether it is a new business or a well-established enterprise, ERP systems help companies to automate their day-to-day business operations such as accounting, project management, procurement, risk management, supply chain operations, etc.

Hide Media is a 360-degree ERP development company in India that has enabled many enterprises to ease off their business operations by creating fully integrated modules for the management of workflow, workforce, financial flow, manufacturing, and supply process.

Expert ERP Development Services for Your Business Efficiency

Custom ERP Software Development Services

We provide custom ERP Solutions that aim to cater to the needs of your enterprise and focus on smoothing your workflows, They enable you and your management to plan, automate, coordinate and execute the work operations effectively.

CRM - Custom Relationship Management System

We use advanced open source enterprise resource planning systems such as OFBiz, Odoo, and ERPNext to elevate your Customer Relationship management efforts. Keep track of interactions with the customers, potential leads, and status of the lead conversions and improve profitability.

SCM - Supply Chain Management System

Automate the supply chain operations of your enterprise and provide timely updates to all the stakeholders using the RFID and IoT. A supply Chain Management software will help you to track the flow of goods, initiate and receive transactions, manage supplier relations and manage the associated business processes.

WFM- Work Force Management System

Ensure employee productivity and efficiency by streamlining the Administration, Human resources, complaisance, and payroll tasks with the WFM Software. The Workforce management software will consist of tools that will help you to ensure that your employees are in right place and at the right time to increase organizational efficiency. It is used for labor scheduling, leave management, time and work data collection, task and activity management, and more.

Why Choose Hide Media for ERP System Development ?

We use cutting-edge technologies to ensure that you can get ERP software with the best features, tools, and functions. We have a team of experienced developers who have experience in developing ERP systems for diverse sectors including Financial, Logistics, Healthcare, Customer Service, and many other sectors, We know our job and we can implement cloud, socio, and geo features in any ERP system based on your requirement.

We dive deeper to understand your business processes properly and analyze it to deliver you the best end result. Moreover, an in-house technical support and software trainer can be arranged for you during and after the deployment of your ERP software.

HRM - Human Resource Management System

Automate your core Human resource operations with the help of HRM Software. Filter Candidate profiles, Keep time tracking of employees, and their performance while staying compliant with the existing and new tax laws and labor laws and regulations.

Warehouse Management System

Manage the Warehouse inventory and product movements routed to various addresses with the help of WMS, Track all your inventories, and smoothly manage the supply chain fulfillment operations from the distributors to the store's shelf.

FMS- Accounting and Finance Management System

Manage your organization's assets, incomes, and costings by minimizing accounting errors, conducting audit trials, and ensuring compliance with applicable standards of accounting. Financial Management System enables you to streamline your company's invoicing and bill collection, optimize the cash flow, deliver better financial forecasting, budgeting, and planning, and accelerate the financial closing ad reporting activities.

Benefits of ERP Software for your Business

  • Automation of Business Processes
  • Data Segregation and Management
  • Customized and Comprehensive Reporting
  • Comply with regulations
  • Highly Secured and Eliminates data theft threats
  • Enhance the Quality of your Customer Service
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