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21st century is the era of the mobile revolution, leading brands and businesses have very well recognized the power of mobile marketing, therefore they use each and every aspect of mobile marketing for their profit generation.

SMS Marketing is also one of the most powerful mobile marketing tactics. As compared to emails, SMS has a 98% higher click and open rate, which makes SMS Marketing a winner.

Whether you are a small-scale business or a well-established enterprise, you can boost your sales by availing yourself Bulk SMS Services If you are wondering which bulk SMS Provider you should embark upon to get best services, You can contact Hide Media as it is known to be the best Bulk SMS Services Provider in India.

Hide Media is a legit B2B Bulk SMS Provider in India. The Bulk SMS Gateway is designed with the sole objective to promote your business or deliver your desired information to your target audience, The prime purpose to deliver this service is to help you reach and interact with your potential customers and existing customers instantly.

Reach Your Target Audience Instantly with a Leading Bulk SMS Provider

Benefits of Taking Bulk SMS Services

1. 100% Instant Delivery

Deploy your SMS alerts and reminders to a bulk of contact no.'s and get instant delivery reports by using our online bulk SMS Panel.

2. 24x7 Delivery by Transaction SMS

Instant delivery of transactional SMS. You can send transaction-related information to your customers regardless of time constraints. Deliver all the important information to your customer anytime.

3. Generate Website Traffic by Promotional Bulk SMS

Draw your customer’s or potential customer's attention and increase the traffic on your website with the help of our Bulk SMS services. Send alerts related to upcoming offers, sale or coupons or send website links to redirect the traffic to the website.

4. Easy to Use SMS Panel

Handle your Bulk SMS marketing and delivery reports with our most interactive and convenient to use SMS Panel interface.

5. Cost-Effective Promotion & Marketing

Get economical plans based on the volume of Bulk SMS you need for your marketing campaign.

6. Reach Your Target Audience Instantly

You can deliver your message to your target audience without being too intrusive like a sales phone call.

Bulk SMS Services Provider India- Key Features

Hide Media is one of the most efficient Bulk SMS Sevices providers in India that aims to serve you with the best services that cater to all your marketing needs. Hide Media is one of the leading Bulk SMS Providers. here you can get affordable Buk SMS services with Sender IDs, API, and Delivery reports instantly. We provide our customers with some interfaces including Web Interface, MS Excel Plugin to send SMS through Excel sheet data and an API to integrate effortlessly by using your software. The services we provide support the protocols such as HTTP, SMPP and XML.

Here are the key features of Hide Media’s Bulk SMS Services:

  • Robust Performance
  • Affordable Prices
  • Accessible from laptops, desktops, or mobile phones.
  • Campaign Management
  • Intuitive bulk messaging dashboard
  • 2500+ Happy Customers
  • 24x7 Customer Support Service
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